President's Message

President's Message

It’s time for another President’s Message. To quote Maui from the hit movie Moana, “You’re welcome.” A few weeks ago, I climbed down from my ivory tower, (because I just don’t have enough hair to let down so people can climb up), to grace the public with my presence. Actually, the real reason I left my office (which is not in a tower nor is it ivory... more of a beige), was to attend San Diego Comic-Con. Over the course of 4 days I rubbed elbows with 80,000+ super heros, villains, fantasy, and sci-fy characters. Naturally, I went as mild mannered reporter Clark Kent, because I dress kind of like that every day and it was an easy identity to assume. (I’m also pretty super).

As most of you have probably experienced, whenever you tell a non-attorney about your day, their eyes kind of glaze over. We thus assume what we do is boring. I was dead wrong on this account and experienced the exact opposite at Comic-Con. The general public is genuinely interested in the law. It’s not the law that’s boring, it’s how we are packaging it that causes the blank stares. People are fascinated by what we do when we apply it to things they are interested in.

Comic-Con had panel discussions, and several, standing room only, panels featured attorneys and judges. I saw a mock court-martial of Poe Dameron for his conduct in the last Star Wars movie; debated about who has the intellectual property rights in Westworld; and learned about the effect of the latest wage orders on the comic book industry. I even sat in on some writing classes, and, because all my legal writing has to be “non-argumentative,” I rediscovered verbs. Even better, I received MCLE credit for some of the panels. Without the packaging of popular culture, however, the panels would have been empty.

So, what does this have to do with SCBA? Everything. This year, SCBA is all about repackaging, getting everyone more involved, and increasing access to both us and the court system. People want to know what is going on, so let’s take the mystery out of it and make it relatable.

The place to begin is with attending SCBA events, which are filled with interesting people doing interesting things in interesting ways. (Like moi). For example, on August 8th the Law Office of Rodarakis & Sousa, APC, is hosting a FREE wine mixer for all SCBA members. There is no cost, no agenda, and no pressure. Come out, relax, and learn about the other people in your legal community. Law on its own is boring. Now, let’s add wine to the discussion. Wine law? Now that’s interesting because everyone dreams of owning a bar or a vineyard. See, it’s all about presentation.

Then, with the new friends you made at the mixer, put together a foursome for the SCBA Golf Tournament on September 15th. With my lack of skill, those that are polite will deem my swing, “interesting.”

See you there! I just have to duck into this phone booth to change before I go in.