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The Stanislaus County Bar Association (“SCBA”) is a California non-profit, mutual benefit organization.  Membership in the SCBA is open to (a) licensed members of the California State Bar who either (1) reside in Stanislaus County, or (2) are engaged in the practice of law in Stanislaus County; and (b) All current and former Superior Court Judges of Stanislaus County and any United States Bankruptcy Court Judges for the Eastern District of California shall be honorary members of the Association.  Any lawyer or judge who has rendered distinguished service to the legal profession may be elected an honorary member of the Association by an affirmative vote of all directors present at any meeting of the Board of Directors.  Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership, except the rights to vote and to be nominated for election as an officer or director.

The SCBA aims:

A.    To serve the general welfare of the public by promoting its understanding of the laws and legal systems of the
United States and the State of California, and its understanding of the legal profession;

B.    To seek to improve the administration of justice;

C.    To promote the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, honor, courtesy, and competence among lawyers;

D.    To work toward the goal of providing the services of the legal profession to all persons in need of such services;

E.    To provide a medium for communication among its members;

F.    To encourage the active interest of its members in civic and humanitarian affairs; and

G.    To take whatever action is necessary and proper to accomplish or further any of the foregoing purposes, and to do anything which a nonprofit corporation now is, or may hereafter be, permitted to by law to do.