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Bar President’s Message

President’s Message

(Photo L-R: Tamie Cummins, George Rodarakis, Betty Julian, Mike Dennis, Andrea Leavy, Colleen Van Egmond, and Jeff Mangar)

by Michael R. Dennis, 2018 SCBA President

Well, my gentle readers, the summer is upon us.  This means half of what history will deem the greatest presidency in SCBA history is in the books.  I refer everyone to Evidence Code §§451(f) and 452(g) and (h).  So, after 6 months of the Dennis Dynasty, where are we?  For those of you who’ve been reading our emails, attending our events, and following us on Facebook, you can’t deny that the SCBA is entering a golden age.  This is due in a large part, (OK, is due completely), to the hard work of the entire SCBA Board and its Executive Director.  (My role is really to just smile, nod, and read aloud.  I’m merely the face of the SCBA, a ruggedly handsome face, but still just a face).

Special recognition must also be given to those firms, partnerships, and solo practitioners who, time and again, sponsor our events.  I would also like to thank those of you who have volunteered your time to present MCLE programs.  This year we’ve had an unprecedented amount of informative and entertaining classes.   From these classes, our membership is sure to have a leg up on such things as the mandatory e-filing requirements that are coming our way.

Without all of you, the SCBA would have long ago rode off into the sunset.  Seeing how the sun sets in the West, this would have put us somewhere around the power plant at the end of Crows Landing Road, where we would’ve been burned to create electricity.  So, thank you.

This year, the SCBA has already held a quarterly wine social, hosted an upscale debate for political candidates, and presided over one of our highest attended Law Day’s ever.   Regarding Law Day, we honored two of the greatest philanthropists in the County, John and June Rogers.  We then awarded scholarships to, and heard from, three deserving high school seniors who one day are going to be pillars of our legal community.  Lastly, we had the privilege of listening to the Hon. Ronald Robie from the Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District, on the issue of “Separation of Powers:  Framework for Freedom.”  As Justice Robie is somebody who has excelled in all three branches of government, we could not have asked for a more qualified speaker.

At Law Day, as you all noticed, the speaker is in a grand atrium behind a podium at the top of a long flight of stairs and addressing the masses before him. You were all lucky, therefore, that when reaching the podium I did not begin singing, “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”.  Although the acoustics were amazing and the setting was perfect, that would’ve been unseemly for someone in my position.  But, next year is another story….  I’ll keep my promise, if you don’t keep your distance.  (Just try getting that song out of your head).

Speaking of the upcoming year, yet even more MCLE classes are coming, featuring such topics as Ethical Duties for Electronically Stored Information; OSHA; and Restraining Orders.  There will be another FREE wine social in August, this time hosted by Rodarakis & Sousa at their new, sumptuous offices over- looking Graceada Park.  Of course, there is the Bench-Bar Dinner, whose details are still a secret, even to me.  Then, who could forget the SCBA Golf Tournament.  This year, to avoid the heat,   we are set to tee off on September 15th.  The weather, like your President, should be fabulous.